Thomas Hume and The Irish Diaspora of Muskegon

If you visit the Hackley and Hume Historic Site there is a rock in the Hume’s parlor that is purported to be from Hume castle in Scotland!

Want to know why? Give a listen to this “Muskegon History and Beyond with Lakeshore Museum Center” podcast.

The podcast is part of a wonderful cultural collaboration between the Lakeshore Museum Center, Hackley Public Library and Michigan Irish Music Festival. The collaboration includes 2 podcasts and 2 videos meant to compliment our Hackley Hooley (taking place on September 18th) and the rich history of Muskegon’s Irish heritage and history. The podcast was exhaustively researched by the Lakeshore Museum’s Patrick Horn and Aaron Mace.

Listen ⤵️ and let Patrick know how much you enjoyed learning more about Mr. Hume!

Born in 1848 in Hillsborough, County Down, Ireland, Thomas Hume came to Muskegon in 1870. Finding work in the lumbering industry as a scaler and tallyman before becoming Charles Hackley’s bookkeeper in 1872, and business partner in 1881. Over the next 24 years, Hackley and Hume built a business empire that included timberlands all over North America. After the lumber era Hume helped create Muskegon’s industrial trade, which continues to this day.