Shop the Irish Market and Store Online

Music floats on the air as the last beams of the setting sun strike the jewelry in the Irish Store and set it twinkling. There is magic at the Michigan Irish Music Festival. A wonderful way to bring that magic home with you is by visiting the Irish Market and the Irish Store.

Every year a dedicated group of people come together to help us build our amazing festival. You may not know their names, but they know you. They know how you MUST get your yearly treats, or that it is time for a new hat or kilt. They enjoy seeing you laugh at the T-shirts and plaques with witty Irish sayings, meeting your new sweetheart as you pick out a ring, and dreaming with you of future trips as you admire the beautiful photographs of Ireland.

Our Market Vendors are there every year, just waiting to help you find that perfect memento that will help make the rest of your year that much brighter. Because they are unable to be here in 2020, we are bringing them to you. Below is the list of our valued vendors and links to their online stores.


Celtic Seasons
Earthen Craft
Highland Trading Company
Ireland in America
Mystic Ireland Gift Shop
Real Irish
St. Kilda
Sylvan Spirits
UK Market/ Welsh Cookie Company

Village Baker


Celtic Bag Company
Faith and Begorra
Kevin’s Irish Art
Murray’s Irish Outfitters
Shamrock Chic
Sullivan’s Irish Alley
Scotty Dotty Shortbread