Mick Broderick

Mick Broderick, of the Broderick’s of East Galway, grew up in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin where he learned mandolin for several years under the tutelage of local musician Tom Moran. Having absorbed the musical culture of the area, Mick then embarked on a journey of self-discovery which saw him develop a deep affinity with the bouzouki. In the years that would follow, he would quickly establish himself on the Dublin session pub scene, where he would meet up with many of his contemporaries from all over Ireland. In the year 2000, he formed what would become the supergroup Slide and soon began touring all over his native country, the U.K, Europe and the Americas. With many awards and accolades to their name, Mick became renowned as a top-class player, producer, composer and arranger, recording not only with Slide but also with various artists such as Gavin Whelan, Zoe Conway, Bill Whelan (Riverdance), Colin Farrell and Neil Lyons. He is now regarded as one of the finest exponents of the Irish bouzouki and has played his part in bringing excitement and vigor to audiences around the world. Mick currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, and recently formed a local based band Beir Bua, who delight in fusing the celtic spirit with Americana soul.