2023 Entertainment Lineup

Seamus Kennedy
Socks in the Frying Pan
Eileen Ivers
Sharon Shannon
Paddy Keenan
One for the Foxes
Moxie Strings
Colm & Laura Keegan
Ian Gould
Kennedy’s Kitchen
Brother Crowe
Conklin Ceili Band
Black Murray
Enda Reilly
Ruth & Max Bloomquist
Barley Saints
Uneven Ground
Chelsea House Orchestra
Toby Bresnahan
Ardan Academy of Dance
Mona Shores Fiddlers

Limerick Contest Canceled

What Exactly is a Limerick?

Structurally and technically: a limerick is a five-line poem that follows a strict rhyme
scheme of AABBA.
The limerick has a triplet (three rhyming lines) and a couplet (two rhyming lines). The rhyming lines usually share the same number of syllables, typically anywhere from six to nine.
Limericks often use word play, puns, double entendre, eccentric
spelling, or other witty features. While all five lines of a limerick should be witty and wonderful, the last line needs to deliver an unexpected punch, a linguistic surprise!
Loosely: a limerick is an oral form, often naughty and bawdy, racy and raunchy, witty and wild, but not too crude or lewd!
A limerick is musical and easy to memorize so that, as tradition has it, it can be delivered orally at, say, the Michigan Irish Music Festival! We have just the place – The Galway Stage on Friday, September 16th at 9:30 PM!

Who May Enter?

Reading limerick at Pigeon Hill Brewing

Anyone 18 and older who enjoys rhythm, wit, and word play. A true limerick is, by nature, rather “adult” in theme.

Enter in These Four Categories

James Joyce’s Writing Desk

▫️COVID/Pandemic/Monkey Pox, etc.
(And no! You don’t have to be nice or politically correct)

How, When and Where to Enter?

Type your limerick(s) and mail to
Michigan Irish Music Festival
Attention: Mary Tyler
2743 Henry Street #231
Muskegon, MI 49441
(Limit: Five limericks per person)

OR EMAIL to: info@michiganirish.org

What Can I Win?

▫️1st Place Winners: $100.00 and two WEEKEND passes to the Michigan Irish Music Fest
▫️2nd Place Winners: $75.00 and two passes to the FRIDAY Michigan Irish Music Fest
▫️3rd Place Winners: $50.00 and two passes to the FRIDAY Michigan Irish Music Fest
▫️Honorable Mentions: Two passes to the FRIDAY Michigan Irish Music Fest