Experience the rich Irish culture while you are at the festival. With an extensive exhibit from the Ward Music Archives on “Irish in Film” or a stop in the “Wake House” you can learn about the Irish (American) actors who have appeared on the silver screen or get the ins and outs of an Irish Wake. Both of these are available throughout the weekend.

Other exhibits will be featured; one that is on loan from the Chicago Consul General of Ireland office titled “Out in the World” – story of Ireland’s LGBTQ+ diaspora.

Returning on Sunday from Noon-3pm will be the dogs of Ireland. The celtic canines exhibit will feature all of the breeds that are native to Ireland.

Irish dancing is not to be missed at the Festival. Join us on Friday at 6pm for the “Hooley” and you will have the chance to get up and learn this style of social dancing. Saturday evening at 7:30 pm is the return of the Parade of Champions featuring the winners of the Michigan Feis competition held earlier on Saturday. Sunday the Ardan Academy of Irish Dance will perform three different shows, following a presentation by Kitty Heinzman on the History of Irish Dance.

Friday evening will feature the winners of the Limerick Contest, so you won’t want to miss this fun event.

The cultural stages will also feature lessons on the Irish language, how to play a bodhran and penny whistle, poetry, song, and hands-on activities to learn about long-standing Irish crafts such as Crios belt weaving and spinning and weaving. For the complete schedule, please look at the entertainment schedule for Galway and Blarney stages.